On move for Lyon and Plone

I leave Alterway two monthes ago for Quadra Informatique. It is a  more generic service company that choose Plone 4 years ago, and more recently Magento. They not seemed to be very active in the  community for now because they mainly proposed patches and features inside existing products more than creating their own products. They have some good products in their boxes and we prepare some official releases for September and others for the end of the year. These projects will be released under Cecil-B license (http://www.cecill.info/licences.en.html) a BSD-like license.

I will not only developping with Plone for them… and I’m leaving Paris this week to go in Lyon. The goal is  to develop Zope/Plone as a local company in this city that choosed Zope/CPS to develop their website some years ago. For some problems that only french telecom legislation can create I will not have a regular network connexion until the end of August.

Have a good vacation and see you in September.


collective.releaser missing releases and upload bug

Since few weeks we have problems to use collective.releaser when we use release-packages: packages are not uploaded to our private pypi or are published in pypi when they should be private and public packages are not published at all.
collective.releaser seems be a victim of this bug as the 0.6.2 release was never published on pypi even if the tag was done 2 months ago.

Today ready this:

Line 110, when the expression is matching something the loop continues, then in the line 117 an empty list is in found sometimes.

If you add these two lines after the line 112 you can again upload your releases in cheeseshops:

if founded != []: