Plone Paris Sprint ambiance

Some short videos taken during Plone Paris Sprint 2008 that can show you the ambiance of a sprint with big and small teams.

On Saturday morning

On Saturday afternoon


Theming and skining

Since Plone 3 is out, integrators are affected by the new way to do themes and to manage page layout. Through The Web customization is reduce to the strict minimum and some of them just leave Plone to another thing more easier to integrate. Before the sprint there were three proof of concept products trying to modify this.

The only one that can be used is CSSManager developed by Weblion. It only allow the site manager to modify the base_properties through the PMI without having to type anything: have ave a picker color widget and dropdown menu for other properties. It works only if your theme use base_properties. For example NuPlone does not.

In Paris Sprint, Jean-Mathieu Grimaldi (macadames) create a new product to ameliorate plone skinning collective.phantasy that you can found here:

The main goal of this product is to be able to have theme associated with folders in the same way that you can see on Quintagroup skins site.

This is far from online theming that you can have here on wordpress or in CPSSkins.

What do dummies wnat to their site? Inline edting is cool, but they want to be able in few clicks to appropriate their brand new site adding a new logo and getting round corners everywhere. They want to get a theme and modify it quickly as we done with base_properties. They don’t want to see the ZMI or to learn python and Zope 3 interfaces.

Such a tool should be a component of the Plone social sprint and must be available with or within the next major version of Plone.

I’m leaving Plone Paris sprint with a lot to think. It was great to met you again guys and girl from the community.