Feedback on Enfold Desktop 4 integration in customer project

Enfold Desktop is a very cool product for Windows users. Linux and Mac users already have builtin WebDav tools that do the trick. Enfold provides both server side products and client side user interface.

All this come from my only experience on Enfold Desktop 4 and may be there’s some errors. There no documentation for all this on Enfold Site

Client side

The client user interface needs to be installed on every computer that you want they use webdav access. It’s a plugin for the standard windows file explorer. Once you configured your access with the public url of your plone site you browse it like a local folder with a little time penalty but faster than in your web browser.

cooler than cool

hum, it’s not a water cooler advertising, but this product is really cool: in a Plone 3 site you can through your file explorer create new content types, modify and delete existing ones. You can doing a workflow transition. And for my customer site… we will see that point later.

Server side component

Enfold provide also an archive with several product that integrates your customer plone site for Enfold Desktop. It comes especially with the ShelExServer product that you have to install within the plone control panel. This product extend several tools to be more WebDav aware: content_type_registry and portal_workflow for example. It also modify permission for roles in the zope instance root.

Where things get more complicated

The last point is very useful in a plone site without any customization but can be very painful with a site managed with a policy registered in GenericSetup. Couple this with some bug in the last release candidate of Enfold Desktop 4 and you have a big mess.

What do I need to check after installing server side product

First: Don’t apply your customer profile before having update it at the end of this process. You will loose all Enfold Desktop settings.


webdav access are correctly set in the zope instance root, but not in the plone instance root with Plone 3. Go in the Security tabs and fix webdav permissions for the three new roles: Editor, Contributor and Reader. Webdeav permissions have to be the same than on ‘View’ and ‘Access portal content’ permisions.


For each state webdav permissions are clone from ‘View’ and ‘Access portal content’… but the ‘acquire’ setting isn’t cloned during the operation. You have to fix that manually on each state of each workflow.

Content type registry:

Enfold Desktop create new predicates on base ATCT types, and only on them. If you need to manipulate your own types you have to confifure them manually.

Now you can export your profile and merge the modification in your customer profile.

More and more

It is impossible to modify which content type are created during a copy/paste: In one folder I want to create a document from a text file, in another I want to create a newsletter.

For HTML files created via webdav, the code is displayed as it until the document is edited and submit once.

It may be cool if Enfold Desktop can access to other web framework through webdav… May Sidney and Alan can answer on this.