Wanted: the band that records this track for an interview

We’re searching for a band that just send an audio CD with as only mention « A Million Ears ».

If you know about Hard Rock/Metal take 7 minutes to heard it in FLAC or in MP3.


Plone community sound

Since the beginning of Plone Conference 2007 we heard a lot about how to promote Plone with a good marketing approach.

The tale tells that Plone name come from a music band… it would be cool if Plone community has its song like Free Software Fundation have he « Free Software Song ».

I’m sure we can do better.


The goal is to choose a song known worldwide to put a text about Plone comunity on it.

During the dinner I asked to several guys and girls to give me a song name in one shot. The first result was that I was to drunk to be understandable. After this first constatation they give me some band names: Artic Monkeys, Duran-Duran, Police, Queen (Bohemian Rapsody), and… ask to Nate Aune, he would be have an idea.

And yes, he had one: « Can you blog about this ? ».

Then now, what’s the Pop-rock song you think it matches with Plone community ?

If you have time to do this you can wrote a song for us.

Next step would be to make a Plone community best of and to bundle it.

I’m sure you don’t know that, but Plone community just rocks.