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The KARL project has been focused in the last year on some performance and scalability issues. It’s a reasonably big database, ZODB-atop-RelStorage-atop-PostgreSQL. It’s also heavily security-centric with decent writes, so CDNs and other page caching wasn’t going to help.

I personally re-learned the ZODB lesson that the objects needed for your view better be in memory. Our hoster is 32-bit-only, so that made us learn a little more and think about the tradeoffs. Adding more threads means higher memory usage per process. We get some concurrency as PG requests release the GIL, but that’s hard to bank on. Instead you have a bunch of single-connection processes, but then you get little cache affinity. One bad view leads to 20k objects getting requested. The user hits reload a few times, and your site is hung until PG is finished.

We use memcache as well, but that is also limited to 2…

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