A Renewed ReStructuredText Editor!

This article’s goal is to be able to launch the Enthought RST Editor with Python 2.7. Few months ago Enthought bloged about is RST editor embedded in its suite. Their blog article was useful for 4 months then they refactored how the Qt backend is loaded.  I wrote another article (in french) to show how to use the editor from the Ubuntu Python system packages but it doesn’t work anymore since the upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric) which use Traits 4.0.0. Now Enthought sources are hosted on github so you can send them your patches.

First it’s better to install all this in a virtualenv with some dependencies (you must install virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper before):

sudo apt-get remove libopenblas-base #problem with numpy
sudo apt-get install python-traits python-traitsui python-pyface python-enthoughtbase \
     python-apptools python-numpy python-qt4 python-sip python-configobj python-sphinx \
     python-pygments rst2pdf
mkvirtualenv --distribute rested
git clone https://github.com/enthought/rested.git
easy_install rested
sudo cp bin/rested /usr/local/bin/

I still have problem with encoding in the filesystem navigator and some random crashes.


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