Using WingDBG as egg for Zope buildout – updated

For Wing IDE user I start a mercurial branch for the WingDBG product that allow you to make live debugging in the editor in Zope/Plone. It’s just an eggification of the official WingDBG product and stay under the MIT licence.

You can easily add it in your buildout:


eggs += WingDBG
#auto-checkout += WingDBG
find-links +=

#WingDBG = hg

zcml += WingDBG
enable-product-installation = on

It was tested successfully under Plone 3.3 and Plone 4 with Wing 3.2.5 and 3.2.6.

Now WingDBG is available as egg for Wing 4.0.1.


4 Responses to Using WingDBG as egg for Zope buildout – updated

  1. encolpe says:

    I fix a minor bug to make WingDBG compliant with zope 2.12 and Plone 4.

  2. developper says:

    just for information the
    enable-product-installation = on did not work for me since it introduced int the etc/zope.conf the parameter that was subsequently not recognized, but maybe I did it wrong.

    Also, for newbies like me, maybe you should say that you expect the mr.developper product to be used my whole config ended up like this :

    extensions = mr.developer
    sources = sources
    auto-checkout = WingDBG

    zcml += WingDBG
    eggs += WingDBG

    WingDBG = hg

    And of course mercurial should be installed and in the path.

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