Which Plone project is your site based on?

Far from the versions war I’m trying to understand how many people don’t use Plone « main » and choose to use project based on it. This evaluation is getting more difficult that I’m not able to recense how many projects are based on Plone. We can found some of them in the Plone.org feed and some others in pypi or in the plone.org products column.

I can easily cite :

But they would be much more.

The Plone Conference in Budapest will be a good place for these projects to gain visibility and to project leaders to talk with the evangelist team to gain a page on Plone.org to show what are their roadmap. It is difficult to find an announce done in a feed or in mailing lists few months ago. It easier to find a page one the official plone.org site if a projects column is created in it. The Plone foundation doesn’t have to fund them, but can help their communication.


4 Responses to Which Plone project is your site based on?

  1. David Glick says:

    Don’t forget the Plone-Salesforce integration project: http://groups.google.com/group/plonesf

  2. Another major one is Connexions: http://cnx.org

    • encolpe says:

      I have never heard about Connexions. It seems more to be an implementation of OCW or OER than a project on which we can build another one.

  3. David Ray says:

    eduCommons has a home page here:


    There is a demo available here (although the demo is not the latest version, at the moment):


    Also, Connexions is an implementation of Rhaptos, which is redeployable. The current version is based on Plone 2.5:


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