‘Practical Plone 3’ review

I finished to read the long waited (read updates here 🙂) ‘Practical Plone 3’ book. It reprensents a big amount of very good work.

If you want to begin in Plone or if you want a webmaster guide for your brand new Plone site the two first parts are designed for you. Each step of your needs are describe in a very good teaching way.

Parts are growing in difficulties. The first will show you how to install and what in installed in a default Plone site. The second part will learn you how to become the owner of your site by creating content and configuring it. The third part is for those who wanted to learn how to use addon products for Plone or want to customize Plone site: zc.buildout, PloneFormGen and ArchGenXML are presented here. The last part will show you some general needs around Plone: put Plone in production behind Apache or IIS with speed optimizations, and LDAP/Active Directory integration.

Even if the target of this book is beginners it was a very interresting reading for an old developper like me. If you don’t use it for yourself, you will use it to give answers to your end-users. I can only recommand everyone to buy it. Nice work guys.


3 Responses to ‘Practical Plone 3’ review

  1. Jon Stahl says:

    Thanks, Encolpe! It is great to hear that even an « old hand » like you has found it useful.

  2. Thank you, Encolpe: on behalf of the other contributors, it’s nice to hear someone of your knowledge level say such nice things about the book.

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