Which mind mapper tool are you using ?

Since one year now I am using mind mapping tools to manage knowledge around private and professional projects. I tried only Open Source (but not always free) software :

All are very intuitive and propose import/export for various format but only FreeMind have its Plone addon. It is a flash viewer for .mm files.
None of them propose collaborative edition.

I didn’t find any python program that implement some mind mapping features in pypi neither on search engines.

In January we generalized the use of mind mapping tools and saw that a lot of us had started to use them since a while without communicate around this need. All these softwares can import map from mindmanager but they cannot import or export map from one of them. The work to merge all our maps to one format will be hard.

Which mind mapping tool are you using ?


12 Responses to Which mind mapper tool are you using ?

  1. John says:

    I’m using FreeMind now, to help me in my job search. I found its UI very un-Mac-like (eh…I should say I’m a Mac user 🙂 ), but OK once I got used to them. And after a point, you can indeed zoom around your map once you have learned the keyboard shortcuts.

    For my needs, FreeMind is more than sufficient. I’m using it stand-alone, not integrated with a web site or anything of the sort.

  2. Petri says:

    There’s a quite nice web-based one called MindMeister. Free edition allows for six maps, more cost a small monthly fee.

  3. I use FreeMind at work, but Mind Manager at home. Mind Manager really is the best one I’ve seen, and comes in Windows and Mac varieties.

  4. Alex Clark says:

    +1 for mindmeister

  5. Rolf says:

    Pocket Mindmap (mobile)
    and MindManager on the Desktop.
    Works fine together…


  6. Mind42, web/SaaS. Permits collaboration.

  7. Karl Horak says:

    FreeMind. Highly usable. Continues to improve with every release.

  8. I use Mindnode (MacOS only). The freeware version is enough for what I do with it since I don’t need to do complex stuffs with mind mapping.

  9. thet says:

    some time ago i used kdissert to structure my ideas.
    now i just use lots of tomboy notes. sometimes i feel like trying again kdissert or freemind – but tomboy rocks in another way! (mostly the search function)


  10. ifpeople says:

    freemind and mindmeister, though I’m going to check out mind42 after mention above. also, fyi, I saw a product for Plone that lets you embed a freemind map in a page: http://plone.org/products/plonefreemind/

  11. encolpe says:

    For the Plone Freemind integration I would ask in a near future the authorization to its owner to transform it as an egg. After that, I would imagine how to create freemind files from Plone contents to rebuild a new sitemap for example.

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