Trying out ScribeFire

I’m always on the road and offline editing is for me the main missing point of CMS and Blog systems.
Today, I’m switching to ScribeFire Firefix extension to edit and publish this blog. The problem with this approach is that you need one external application to manage the web application you are using…
On Thursday I will be in the Google Developer Day 2008 in Paris to learn more about Gears roadmap. Gears is interreting to me because it allows you to make your web application working offline.


3 Responses to Trying out ScribeFire

  1. Gilles Lenfant says:

    Great extension but… removed after a couple of hours: Firefox crashes every 10 clics even when not playing with ScribFire.

  2. Interesting, never happened to me that it crashed and I am using ScribeFire now for quite a while.

  3. encolpe says:

    I experience such a bug this morning.
    I worked on a bill during a travel and save it manually. At the end of the travel I suspend my laptop after a last save and it never restart…

    When firefox restarted ScribeFire was empty. After several minutes I finally found the bill I was working on in the ‘Notes’ tab instead of the ‘Bills’ tab. Perhaps an UI misunderstanding.

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