Write your first Zope 2 product

‘The topic is to make understandable what is a Zope product in the python world.

What is a python module?

A Python module is a directory on your filesystem that contain at least a file called __init__.py. This file can be empty, but the name is fixed.

How Python can find such a directory?
The standard path where python search for modules is in the directory site-packages of your Python installation. By default you find it in C:Python2.4Libpython under windows or in /usr/lib/python2.4 un Unix-like systems (Linux, Mac OS, BSD, etc). You can extend this search by adding the PYTHONPATH variable in your environment.

@set PYTHONPATH=C:Zope2.9libpython


export PYTHONPATH=/usr/lib/python2.4:/opt/Zope2.9/lib/python

In a Python module every sub-directory that contains a file named __init__.py is considered as a sub-module.
On these points Zope doesn’t differ from Python

What is a Zope Products?

You can divide your Zope installation in three parts: the Zope framework, the Zope Server and the ZODB. A Zope product is an application for the Zope Framework. You can use it alone, without the Zope Server or the ZODB. Actually it’s the failure of Zope to not have any public software based on the Zope Framework without the Zope Server.
Zope 2 is using a specific code to load products to register them as specific applications. You can read it in your Zope installation in the file OFS/Application.py.

During the warm up the Zope Server is looking in the zope.conf file for the ‘products‘ keywork. Each time it is defined this keywork is following by a filesystem path where Zope Products are uncompressed.
This list of filesystem paths is initialized with the two paths:

  1. the lib/python/Products directory of your Zope installation
  2. the Products directory of the Zope instance

The first one contains base application you need to work like ZCatalog, PythonScripts (for ZMI). You should never add a product in there and read the documentation available in these products will help you to understand Zope Framework standards.
The second one is empty and is designed to store cusomer Zope Products.

Implement your first Zope 2 product

To create your product you create a Python module in the Products directory. You should Have something like this:


> MyProduct

> __init__.py

To be recognized as a Zope Product the __init__.py file must contain a function called initialize. This function is mainly declarative. You can read a full sample on the document  » Write a toolbox for a Plone 2.5 product « .
The main goal of the initialize function is to register your new classes into the good drawer in the Zope Application. In the sample we register a new tool object but you will do the same for content types, i18n domains, etc.


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