Use google document to create the Plone Documentation

Today I was writing a little documentation about Plone 2.5 in reaction to a first draft on workflow management by groups. My goal is not to write a document alone that will replace this draft but to imply its author. A this point a tool was missing until I remember we can use Google Docs application to share our ideas and write this document together.

We have shortly try out Google Docs and our first impressions are positive: each other can write in the same document and modification are reported in live on the other screen. Add a GTalk window or an IRC session to discuss and you have a very powerful tool.

The next step is to finish this document and to copy/paste it in Plone Documentation. I hope to do this tomorrow night.

Hey Limi, when will we embed this in Plone ;^)


2 Responses to Use google document to create the Plone Documentation

  1. The answer is that we’ll handle it with the new proxy widgets that follow from the UI redesign that I’m working on.

    Now you gave me a bad conscience about not getting it published yet. Damn. Gotta try to find some time on Sunday to get it out there — it’s as usual 95% written, only need to produce some screencasts to illustrate. 🙂

  2. encolpe says:

    The two next articles are writen in Google Docs, inline and offline, with the collabaration of Katie Cunningham.
    It is a first try then they may have some styles problems.

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