Integration of buildout in your favorite IDE

As Open Source developer I’m concived that we are developping on the best tools ever created (early friday) and I’m using a proprietary IDE… but writen in Python: Wing IDE.
With this IDE you need only two operations to make it understand a new buildout:

  • add your bin/instance (bin/zopeinstance or bin/zeoclient) in your project via the project Panel
  • once it is done select it and right click on it to activate it as ‘main debug file’

Then wait that wing update the python path for you and enable the autocompletion for your whole project. That’s magical, I love it!

Thanks to Lennart to ask the good question on wing-users mailing list and to Martijn Pieters to give us this excellent recipe.

It would be cool is there’s such recipe fir IDE in the new documentation section on


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